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re: App: Possessed3030

The application submitted by Possessed3030 is as follows:

Name : Possessed
Game : Lord of the Rings Online
Server : Gladden
Level : 115
Gender : Male
Race : Race of Man
Class : Champion

Please list alt characters::
Revelx, 105 Warden; Deathrite, 95 Minstrel; various lower levels

In your own words, tell us about yourself and the type of player you are.:
I am a competitive player. I personally can't stand to play a game partway. If I play, then I play all in. This includes getting the best gear in the game through raiding. I also enjoy social interaction, especially with competent players.

How much raiding experience do you have?:
I participated in pug raids quite a bit previously when I played lotro several years ago. The last two years I have raided as part of my guild on WoW.

Previous Kinships, along with reasons for leaving::
The Wolf Pack - Only kin I've been in on my main character. Joined five years ago when I started playing lotro. Now, the kin is dead and I am the only member that has logged in within the last year. Obviously then, they lack a strong raid group.

Why do you want to join Ramble On?:
From talking to others, and watching your members on the Gladden server, you appear to be one of the best, if not the best, raiding group on Gladden currently. Besides raiding, I would like to be in a kinship of individuals that have little time for drama and enjoy a good challenge.

Are you 18?:

Are you willing to install Discord if you don't have it already?:

Do you have a microphone?:

Do you support exploiting?:

We raid Tuesday, Friday and Saturday nights. Will one or more of those nights work for you?:

Do you understand that you are not guaranteed a raid spot depending on content progression, group make up, and raid readiness?:

Are you okay with constructive criticism and discussion with our more knowledgeable members and raid leaders?:

Are you willing to do what is best for the kin when raiding with us, like swapping toons, gear, and traits?:

Do you understand that recruits that do not meet our raiding calibre will be removed?:

Additional comments, questions, or concerns::
I am putting in 4-12 hours of game time per day right now. Once I complete my Master's degree and start a new job this October, my time will be more limited. That being said, I should still be able to easily make time for raids and other events.

Application Availability Info:
Sunday -> Always
Monday -> Always
Tuesday -> Always
Wednesday -> Always
Thursday -> Always
Friday -> Always
Saturday -> Always
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