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About Ramble On

My name is Quantar and I am the founder of Ramble On, an End Game Raiding Kinship with a Core Group of players that have been raiding together for over three years now.

We started together in LOTRO starting with  DN, made it through BG, OD and were the third North American Kin to beat all of OT T2CM and get the Saruman title for doing a full clear in one night..

Ramble On's YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/QuantarLOTRO?feature=mhee

We have always believed that we are only has good as the people we raid with. We do not yell or tell you what to do. We do not expect you to be the most skilled or know all the raids, but we do want people who can follow a strat that we explain and is not afraid to ask questions or give input. We want kin members that want to raid in lotro, not ones that leave for other games only to come back a few months later. And we only want kin members that are level headed, not ones that act elite or too good for others.

Who are we going to be?
We will be an end game raiding kinship with a relaxed and fun atmosphere. This means that first and foremost we are here to have fun. I am not the leader of this kin, just the founder. I am not here to baby-sit people. But I am here to make sure that current members want to stay so If you are into drama, this kin is not for you. We are adults, we like to have fun, and sometimes things can get border line, but respect everyone in this kin and their feelings. If you can not speak to another person one on one about something, this kin is not for you.

What sort of activity will we maintain?
We raid at least 2 nights a week. But even more when new Raids come out.

Right now we looking for people who can Raid either Thursday, Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday Nights at around 8:30pm Server Time. This means that you are expected to make one of these nights on a consistent basis and be able to give us NO MORE than 3 hours.
We do have a time limit in this kin and if we can not get it done in that time, we just come back to it another day. If something comes up, that's fine, you are not bound to one day or the other. But we do not want to run into a situation where you miss three straight weeks. In order to reach our goal, we must learn to raid together as one. This part is very important to us and I have been known to remove kin members for being flakey.

Outside of the one raid per week requirement mentioned above, the only other requirement to raid with us is that you must be raid ready. This means that you must have appropriate traits and gear to help us be as successful as possible. If there is a weapon or book or what ever you feel or we feel you need for us to be successful, we will get it for you. This kin is not going to be about me me me, its going to be about us us us. If you are about me me me, than this kin is not for you.

If you think this kin might be a good fit for you and want to know more and even go on a raid or two with us, feel free to send Quantar/Quantas a tell/email in game and we can talk.